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Cancun and the Mayan Riviera offer an extensive variety of tours and activities to please all tastes. The information included on this page is based on the services provided by the best tour suppliers in the area. Private tours can be customised according your taste and need. Public prices may change.

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Palmera is a Destination Management Company and tour operator based in Cancun, México. As a company specializes in the organization and coordination of conferences, conventions and incentives groups of all sizes, our commitment with our clients is to provide them with the best destination services always.

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Cancun as destination

"The Mayan Riviera" (from Cancun to Tulum) During the Classic and Post-Classic periods in Mesoamerica, the mexican coasts of the Quintana Roo state were part of a very important mayan commercial route that included the coastline of Belize, Guatemala and Hoduras. In the years after the Conquest, much of the population died off or left as a result of disease, warfare, piracy, and famines, leaving only small settlements on Isla Mujeres and Cozumel Island.

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DMC Services

Due to its success in the groups industry, the Mayan Riviera counts with all the facilities, venues and supplies you may need for your event. Among our services: Ground Transportation, Customised Tours, Cooking Lessons, Sport Activities, Golf and Spa, Entertainment,etc.

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